Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Collapsible Crates


Milk crates are god's gift to event production companies. They provide us with a great way to transport everything from florals to dry goods for event decor. Strong, durable and the best part is that you can stack them optimizing delivery vehicle floor space. The only drawback to crates is how to store them when studio floor space at a premium. I discovered these foldable crates at Improvement, ingenious design for $14.99



M-Power Tri-Scribe Flat Lying Trammel Head Set

Tri-Scribe - Convert a common shop rule or square into a marking or mortising gauge, or compass

Tri-Scribe: This versatile flat lying trammel head set includes two heads that will attach to nearly any metal rule, combination, or try square. Strike perfect arcs, circles and parallel lines, or use it as a marking gauge. Attaches to any metal rule or square blade up to 3/32" thick, and less than 2" wide. Set includes: 2 metal trammel heads, wo steel scribes, and one Tri-Blade Accessory pack per set.

Tri-Blade Accessory: Converts Tri-Scribes to an ultra-precise marking gauge or veneer cutting tool by replacing a scribe with this simple blade holder. The holding post positions the blade at the proper angle for a perfect cut. Tri-Blade Accessory includes blade holding post, hex key, and a strip of disposable cutters. England.

This wonderful clamp on marker can easily cut out several steps involved where hand cutting is involver. Clamped to a T Square you can simply set at desired mark and run down a piece of foam board and your ready for a quick cut.

Available at Hartville Tool

Cordless Staplers


Cordless Staplers are a versatile tool for onsite production. Having to drag an electrical extension cord across a ballroom to install curtains on a chuppah cost time plus it creates a safety hazard, the last thing you want is someone tripping over a cord. There are several companies of Cordless Staplers on the market, like any product you can purchase cheap ones that do work but my experience shows that they give out and have to be replaced. This little Stapler is the perfect gun for small applications in the shop, great for fabrics.

This leads me to recommend the Arrow CT50K. It has a 10.8V lithium ion rechargeable battery with means 1500 staples per charge. I pack an extra charged battery along just incase I need an extra few pops. Arrow Staples are easily found at Home Depot and this bad boy uses T50 staples ranging from 1/4" to 8/16". The gun has a LED white light that guilds you to point where you want to place the staple.

Available through Tools Plus for about 120 bucks


For an additional $85 bucks you can upgrade to the mighty Makita BST221Z 3/8" Crown Stapler. For heavy production applications. This gun easily sinks 7/8" T50 Staples for that extra bite. The 18V battery makes power not an issue. Fairly light weight, 5 pounds, it's handle design makes this gun easy to handle.

Also available at ToolsPlus for $185 without battery and charger. Remember to buy an additional battery to leave in the charger, you don't want to stall production because you forgot to recharge.